We help you navigate the complex &
constantly changing world of tax

We say that the road to success is paved with tax forms! It takes grit and determination to build success, and along the way your rewards include paying taxes! A little crazy, but totally a true story.

To keep it interesting the world of taxes is constantly changing! The last couple of years has been especially complex and a whirlwind of constant change. Making you wonder if you made a wrong turn somewhere along the way.

We’re here to help keep you on the right path. With over 20 years of experience helping individuals and business with tax preparation and planning, we’re your guide. We help you stay compliant and work with you to proactively plan and reduce your tax liability to the least amount possible.

Tax Preparation Services

Our tax preparation services help you ensure you have filed correctly, and you are paying the least amount of tax as permitted by law. We work with businesses and individuals that have domestic tax needs. We do not serve any Foreign/International Tax issues.

Our tax preparation services are able to serve most individuals, families and small businesses. While it’s challenging, and quite frankly too long to list here is some of what our expertise includes:

  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Professional Service Businesses
  • Authors
  • Creative Agencies

Businesses Entity Types Including:

  • Sole Proprietors
  • Partnerships
  • LLC’s
  • S-Corporations
  • C Corporations

Ready to Find Out How We Can Work Together?

Melissa Calwell, CPA,EA,MBA has over 30 years of hands on experience working directly with business owners in both the private sector and through public accounting. Her depth of knowledge and expertise in all areas of back office operations and accounting is the magic of Fortitude Tax & Accounting. Years of experience in the field has allowed her to observe and implement solid systems and processes that work and make the tasks of compliance and accounting in your business feel easy!

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