Your Tax Time Organizer to help make
what to gather less taxing!

We’ve built this tax time organizer to help  mental health professionals gather up what is needed for tax time with a clear roadmap.

Running a practice, even if it’s just you can feel a bit overwhelming especially if you’re not certain where to start!  We’re going to take the guessing  out of tax time organizing with our new FREE digital guide.

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Written By Our CPA & Enrolled Agent (EA) With Over Three Decades of Experience Helping Business Owners!

We know that tax time & tracking everything can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help answer some of your burning questions so you can feel confident that you’re getting things right!

This tax time checklist is to help guide you on what to gather so you can be fully organized and prepared for tax time.


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The Hidden Costs of DIY Taxes

You’re smart.  You’ve got this, Right?  Not so fast!  DIY taxes can cost you more than you’re saving on tax preparation fees.  Take a look:

    • Time is Money!
      Doing your own taxes, plus adding a business is a significant time investment. Your time is valuable, in fact your time is how you make your living! Hiring a pro for this tax will save you both time and money in the long run.

    • Missing Out on Deductions 
      The tax laws are constantly changing and intricate. Keeping up with the latest changes can be challenging and time consuming. This is what we do all day!

    • Avoid Costly Penalties   
      Even a minor error can lead to anxiety and stress in your mailbox from the IRS with correction notices, penalties & interest.

    • Expert Strategies & Planning
      Our expertise is not just with the compliance of what happened last year, we can help you proactively plan & save for the future. We’re here to provide strategies and insights to potential savings.

    • From the Comfort of Your Own Office   
      As a virtual firm, we are able to help business owners all over the country. Our user friendly portal system allows you to manage your entire tax process right from your computer or mobile device and get back to patients quickly!

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Help from an experienced CPA without required monthly fees!

We believe in working with your needs & budget. We do this by allowing you to choose how much you want to do in the process and how much support you need. While we also offer Full Service models, we don’t believe that the monthly subscription model is right for everyone! Tax Preparation & Tax Planning are “A La Carte” service options giving you maximum flexibility!

Choose the level of service you need for your therapy practice without compromising and choosing “extra” you’re just not ready for!

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Can I have your firm help me with JUST tax preparation?

Yes!  While we also offer subscription pricing for full service, we don’t believe that’s the right answer for everyone.  We also offer “tax only” preparation services and adhoc Tax Planning sessions.  Plus you’ll get our helpful newsletter with tips to help you all year long!

Do you offer bookkeeping services?

We offer several levels of bookkeeping, from full service, down to support with those that prefer DIY. Visit our page Bookkeeping for therapists.

Do you offer payroll services?

We do offer payroll support services through Gusto.  We no longer have a full service payroll offering.

Proactive Tax Planning to help you manage cash flow & your tax bill!

Look, I don’t know if anyone has told you, but taxes will consistently be the biggest expense you face as a practice owner.  Understanding how to plan so that you aren’t hit with an eye bulging tax bill in April is key!

The cornerstone of our approach to taxes is proactive tax planning. The best way to manage cash flow and not be surprised by unexpected tax bills every year is with tax planning. That way you can know what your expected liabilities will be and can make strategic changes to alter the outcome of Tax Time in April.

This add on service is especially important for new practice owners, and practices in growth mode.

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Melissa Calwell, CPA,EA,MBA has over 30 years of hands on experience working directly with business owners in both the private sector and through public accounting. Her depth of knowledge and expertise in all areas of back office operations and accounting is the magic of Fortitude Tax & Accounting. Years of experience in the field has allowed her to observe and implement solid systems and processes that work and make the tasks of compliance and accounting in your business feel easy!

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