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Fortitude Tax & Accounting is here to help YOU. We help remove challenges and roadblocks that come with running a business, that come from not being an expert in everything that goes with keeping a business compliant!

  • Proactive Tax Planning = More Profit & Tax Savings!
  • Human to Human = Get answers to your challenges when you need them.
  • Confidence = Peace of mind knowing you are up to date and totally legit in your business.

“An organization succeeds, not because it is big, or because it is long established, but because there are people in it who live it, sleep it, dream it and build future plans for it…”

This is a quote that Melissa found early in her career while at her first job in her family’s Ace Hardware business. It is at the heart of why she felt it was important to build Fortitude Tax & Accounting. So she could use all she’s learned over 3 decades to help entrepreneurs with tax and business compliance.

Working with Fortitude Tax & Accounting

How do we work remotely with you?

We are based in Northern Utah, but we work with business owners all over the United States. We use a secure portal hub for everything from document sharing, chats, contracts and digital signatures. We utilize cloud based solutions and schedule meetings virtually using Google Meet. Face to face help and conversations without getting in the care! Geography is not a barrier to working with us!

What kind of accounting software do I need?

We work with most accounting software for tax preparation via reporting. The primary tools we use are QuickBooks Online, Xero and Wave. QuickBooks Desktop is being discontinued, but we are familiar with working with it. If you need guidance on what to get for your business, we’re happy to help you choose the best solution! (It’s not always QuickBooks! There are more economical options when appropriate.)

I don't have time for tracking my finances, can you do it for me?

We do offer bookkeeping support services for our tax clients. We also offer some hybrid options for those looking to save $$. Please inquire at our discover call!

Do I have to use your company for my bookkeeping?

No! We have a number of professional bookkeeping companies that we partner with. In fact, we love to work with client that do their own books or have their own bookkeeper. We can then focus on taxes and tax planning!

Does my business need to be in Utah to work with you?

No! We work with businesses all over the United States. From sea to shinning sea! Business must be U.S. based and only have domestic income tax complexities.

Can your company help us with payroll?

Fortitude Tax & Accounting does not do payroll processing. We have partnered with Gusto and can help guide you through setup.

Tax Preparation & Planning

Does Wasatch Accounting help Individual tax filers or just businesses?

Yes! We do work with individual taxpayers for tax preparation. Although we have a limited number of individual return slots available and once they are full for the season,we do not accept new clients. Our minimum fee for “simple” returns is $399. Your amount may be more depending on the complexities of your tax situation.

Can you help with foreign tax issues and questions?

We do not. Domestic tax laws are already complex and ever changing. Foreign tax considerations are an extra layer of complexity that requires specialized focus. We focus solely on domestic tax issues and recommend you seek a firm specializing in foreign taxes if you have any foreign holdings, income or your business works with foreign entities.

I haven’t filed my taxes since 2019, can Fortitude Tax & Accounting help me?

Yes! We can help you get caught up and back on track with your taxes! We do the tax preparation catch up filing only. We do not do tax resolution work, taxpayers that owe a large sum and want help negotiating with the IRS will need to find a firm that specializes in that.

I owe a large amount to the IRS, can you help me with this?

We do NOT do tax resolution work. This kind of work is best handled by a firm that specializes in tax resolution. If you just need to set up a payment plan with the IRS we will direct you to the resources on the IRS website to set up yourself. We prepare taxes and will help current clients, both individuals and businesses with audit representation.

I received an audit notice from the IRS (or state), can you help me?

Yes! We will help current tax and accounting clients with audits and notices from tax agencies. We do not do notice or audit work ad hoc for clients we have not worked with on tax preparation previously.

Ready to Find Out How We Can Work Together?

Melissa Calwell, CPA,EA,MBA has over 30 years of hands on experience working directly with business owners in both the private sector and through public accounting. Her depth of knowledge and expertise in all areas of back office operations and accounting is the magic of Fortitude Tax & Accounting. Years of experience in the field has allowed her to observe and implement solid systems and processes that work and make the tasks of compliance and accounting in your business feel easy!

Contact us today for an assessment on your business and solutions that are designed just for you!