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Your business is growing, and you can’t do it all. It seemed easy enough at the beginning to do it all on your own. You’re smart, scrappy and can figure it out, right? Money in, money out- track it, Done. Success and business growth means you have to start making choices with how to use your time and energy. As the task of tracking income and expenses becomes increasingly more time consuming and challenging it’s time to outsource. You didn’t get into business to be an accountant. You’re the expert at your business that was built on you. We’re the experts on helping you track and measure your business growth so you can build your roadmap for an even bigger and better future for your business!

We will work with you to build exactly the right suite of solutions for your business to keep you out of the back office and back to business with the confidence that things are being done right!

Navigate with a clear view, no surprises.

The financial history of your business is the roadmap to building the future of your business. We help you organize or fix your data and turn it into a meaningful guide for you to use. This can save you from making a wrong turn in your growth that can result in wasted time or money

Customized Solutions for your business

Every business has unique needs and we offer solutions to suit those needs. We offer solutions to ultimately save you both time and money!
Shoring up your bookkeeping and accounting for your business takes you from reactive to proactive! Wouldn’t it be great to know your true profit margins? What you can laser in on to improve the bottom line? If you can afford to give your team a raise!? And exactly what you need to save for Uncle Sam?

Choose one of our packages, or we will build one with you!
Get exactly the right solutions for your business!

Other Services Available:


QuickBooks Rescue, Clean up & Set-Up
Get your software set-up exactly right for your business, and help cleaning and organizing data to help support continued business growth.

Payroll Support
We assist with payroll set up and maintenance through Gusto. We support you with questions related to payroll and help you resolve them in Gusto.

Entity Formation
S-Corp Election

We will help you get your business set up and registered correctly.

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Melissa Calwell, CPA,EA,MBA has over 30 years of hands on experience working directly with business owners in both the private sector and through public accounting. Her depth of knowledge and expertise in all areas of back office operations and accounting is the magic of Fortitude Tax & Accounting. Years of experience in the field has allowed her to observe and implement solid systems and processes that work and make the tasks of compliance and accounting in your business feel easy!

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